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David Hirsch, Crypto Assets Head, Announces Exit from SEC after Almost Nine Years

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David Hirsch, the head of the Crypto Assets division at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) enforcement arm, confirmed his exit from the agency after almost nine years of service. Commencing his career as a staff attorney, Hirsch acknowledged the immense success achieved by the agency’s Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit during his tenure. Highlighting the collaborative spirit of securities enforcement, he appreciated his teammates at the SEC and expressed indebtedness to many mentors and leaders across the regulatory and law enforcement spectrum. He is looking forward to a short break before his next venture.
David Hirsch, the head of the crypto assets division at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) enforcement arm, has formally confirmed his exit from the agency. Hirsch, whose career began as a staff attorney at the SEC, made the announcement through LinkedIn on June 17, signalling the end of his almost nine-year tenure at the financial regulation platform. Hirsch concluded his service at the SEC reflecting upon the considerable amount of work achieved by the Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit during his time there. "My final day at the SEC marked the end of almost 9 years that were packed with a host of intricate investigations and issues that far surpassed what I had envisioned when I stepped into the role of a staff attorney at the Fort Worth Regional Office,” Hirsch shared. Acknowledging the invaluable support of his peers and leaders, he credited his success to the synergistic efforts of his colleagues and the guidance received from mentors across various regulatory and law enforcement agencies. Hirsch expressed his deep sense of indebtedness to countless mentors, leaders, and peers. He also appreciated the incredible partnership with state, federal, and international regulators and law enforcement. He touched upon the collaborative nature of securities enforcement calling it a “team sport.” He expressed gratitude to his teammates at the SEC for driving towards a common goal, and while it was a hard decision to leave the platform that contributed significantly to his growth, he was eager about the next phase of his career. Nevertheless, Hirsch did mention he would take some time off before revealing his next venture. He stated, “While I’m eager to share my future plans soon, I’ll be taking a break and spending some quality time traveling with my family before my son leaves for college in the fall." Since 2015, Hirsch has been serving as an enforcement attorney for the SEC and took up the role as the leader of the agency's crypto asset and cyber units division in October 2022. Having had a tenure of 8 years and 10 months, he has now publicly announced his decision to step down.

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6/17/2024 4:58:15 PM

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