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Features for Pro Traders

Build, test, run and rent out your strategies! You've never seen a trade panel like this.

One bot, multiple pairs

You can use multiple pairs in one bot. You don't need to run a new bot for each coin.

& both sides

Our bots are capable of handling both Long and Short positions simultaneously. You can build Hedge mode bots.










grouping pairs

You can group specific pairs together or filter them dynamically into different groups. Then you can assign different algorithms to these groups.


Most customizable trading bot ever

You can customize the settings for each pair, for each pair group and for each time frame in one bot.
Alternatively, you can use a common setting for all pairs if you prefer.

Customize For Any Pair

You have a common settings but you can use different settings for each pair as you wish.

Customize For Any Time-Frame

You can use different settings for each time frame (M30, H1, H4, etc..) as you wish.

Signal Source

Customize For Any Group

You can use different settings for each group as your wish.

Position Opening, Maintaining, Closing Conditions & Simulation

In what size and in which direction a position will be opened, what the target is to close, how the positions that cannot reach the target will be maintained... And simulate them!

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Multi-Layer™ System

There is a mechanism to change the configuration automatically and immediately by your bots, when conditions changed.

Each condition type corresponds to a Layer.

You can use the Layers for Different Volatility conditions!

Take Profit:
Next Entry:
Low Volatility
Take Profit:
Next Entry:
Medium Volatility
Take Profit:
Next Entry:
High Volatility
Take Profit:
Next Entry:

Rent your strategy in privacy

Why do you let others see your strategies in other trading platforms? Why do you allow them to use your strategy free? You can get an extra income by renting out your strategies without disclosing your secrets to other Algoiners while you are running them for yourself. You set a commission rate and list it.

  • Build strategies

    Create your strategies with our powerful and unique strategy builder.

  • Test them

    You can test your strategy in paper trading mode without risking your real money! It runs live, with real market data, even calculating the margin ratio in futures market type, but it's risk-free.

  • Run & rent out your strategies

    If you think the strategy that you've testing is a well-designed, profitable strategy, then it's the time to go real. Also you can rent to others and double your profit by listing into the Strategy Market

  • Withdraw your income

    You can withdraw your commissions from your strategies and referal income as crypto to your cryptocurrency wallet, or to your Algoine wallet with an extra 20%.

Auto transfer

In your bots running in the futures market, you can automatically supplement from your Spot wallet to reduce the margin ratio. You can also set your earnings to be periodically transferred from Futures wallet to Spot wallet.

There is also an 'auto-buy and transfer' feature when your wallet is low on BNB.

Additional features

Stream to your channel

You can broadcast the notifications to your telegram channel, similar to that you receive individually. So, you can instantly share your strategy and the status of your running bot with your followers and catch more tenants.

You can easily modify the notification settings for your running bots.

Live monitoring

Your working bots will notify you, but you can analyze the current status of your bots, your open positions, the entry and exit points of each position in detail from your panel.

You don't need to stop your bot to make changes to the strategy. While you have working bots, you can make strategic changes and push these changes instantly to your bot and to the bots of all Algoiners using your strategy.

Detailed Historical Analysis

You can analyze your statistics, your PNL from the use of your own, and your income from your tenants in detail.

The scorecard for your strategies is also displayed publicly, with data for different time-frames, divided into your work and your tenants' work. Avg. wallet balances, avg. daily PNLs, margin rates, unrealized PNLs, and more details of the strategy are also seen in this unit.

🚀 Algoine is in Public Beta! 🌐 We're working hard to perfect the platform, but please note that unforeseen glitches may arise during the testing stages. Your understanding and patience are appreciated. Explore at your own risk, and thank you for being part of our journey to redefine the Algo-Trading! 💡 #AlgoineBetaLaunch