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Cookie Policy

Last revised: May 26, 2023



In order to ensure the proper functioning of our platform ( website and applications of Algoine) and to provide the most relevant services to our visitors and members (“user(s)” or “you”), we place certain cookies on their devices. This Cookie Policy has been prepared to inform you about cookies and how to control cookies.


Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. Along with these text files, other trackers such as web beacons, pixels or tags will also be considered cookies under this Cookie Policy.


We use cookies for the following purposes:

·        To ensure the safe operation of our site;

·        To provide live support service to users;

·        To enable you to browse our site and to take advantage of the services and features on our site;

·        To provide you with a better experience and to personalize our services to suit you;

·        To improve the performance of our site and to make our website more user-friendly.



Cookies function as session cookies and persistent cookies on our website. Session cookies stop working when you close your browser. Persistent cookies can remain on your hard disk for a long time.


The types of cookies used on our website are listed below:

5.1 Necessary Cookies

These types of cookies are strictly necessary for our website to work securely and for users to be able to act on our website and benefit from the services and features provided. These types of cookies are necessary for our website to work and cannot be disabled by users.



Cookie Owner


These cookies are used to detect the user's session on the server. Session is a space on the server that can be used to store data between http requests. Therefore, it is necessary for the continuity of the session.



User ID

This cookie is used for users to see only their own information.



These cookies are used for security checks.

Third Party

User Preferences

These cookies are used for security checks. Third Party

User Preferences This cookie is used to realize the design and language selection preferences of the user within the site.




5.2 Preference and Functionality Cookies

Preference cookies collect information about users' preferences and allow us to remember language or other locale settings of users and customize our site to suit users. Such cookies may be set by us or by third-party providers whose services you have added to your pages. Some or all of these functions may not work properly if users disable such cookies.



Cookie Owner


Push Notifications

Information about visited pages, what push notifications has been sent, browser data, network provider data, transactions and interactions with apps and websites and more. See for details.




Third Party


5.3 Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies allow us to understand how users use our website. These cookies collect information in aggregate, give us an idea of ​​how our site is used and help us improve our website. For example, these types of cookies show which pages are visited the most on the site and help to record the difficulties experienced within the site.



Cookie Owner


Google Analytics

These cookies enable the collection of all statistical data, thereby improving the presentation and use of the site. By adding social statistics and interest data to these statistics, Google provides a better understanding of users.


Third Party



You can adapt your cookie preferences according to your wishes by changing your browser settings. Depending on the possibilities offered by your browser, you can prevent the use of cookies, receive a warning before cookies are used, or disable or delete only some cookies.

The official website of browsers generally contains information on how to disable and remove cookies, but you can contact their official contact address if you can’t find it.

We would like to remind you that if you disable some cookies, various functions of our site may not work.


7.      CONTACT US

We can change this Cookie Policy if we deem necessary. We ask you to check the Cookie Policy from time to time in order to be aware of the changes or updates we make to the Cookie Policy.

You can contact us via [email protected] for your questions, comments and suggestions about the Cookie Policy or the use of cookies on our site.

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