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Features for Investors

Rent a strategy from an experienced trader and generate passive income!

Zero knowledge required

You don't need to have any knowledge about charts or indicators to trade like a professional on Algoine.

Explore the Strategy Market and check out detailed information about strategies. Find the best strategy for you by browsing the Strategy Market and reviewing the detailed information provided.

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Not 'Copy-Trade'

Our bots run independently within the strategies created by professional traders. We have learned from years of experience that copy-trading is not suitable for successful trading.


Easy to use

Algoine is user-friendly and can be easily accessed in three simple steps.


Create account

Fill the sign up form and verify your account. Then select your plan.


Connect with Binance

Add your Binance API to your Algoine account.


Rent & run a strategy

Rent a suitable strategy for you and push the start button. Enjoy Algoine!

Safe & secure

Algoine is completely safe and secure.

  • Your Funds Remain in Your Wallet

    Your assets stay in your wallet on the exchange. You connect your exchange account to Algoine via API that you authorized for trading. You can't add your API with withdrawal authorization to us.
  • Two-factor Authorization (Google Authenticator)

    If you set a strong password for your account, nobody can sneak into your account unless you share it. We highly recommend turning on 2FA (Google Authenticator) to enhance the security of your account.
  • Activity Logs

    We send you information e-mails and keep a record of all actions taken on your account.
  • Enhanced Encryption

    We use powerful and modern encryption methods to protect your APIs, passwords, and other sensitive data stored in our databases. Your data and logs are never shared with third parties.
  • Control is in Your Hands

    Your bots always run within your selected strategy. You can start, stop or change the strategy anytime you want.

Strategy market

Find the most suitable strategies for you on our Strategy Market and rent them.

  • Transparent Strategy Records

    Our strategy scorecards show data for different time frames, dividing it into owner's work and tenant's work. You can view average wallet balances, average daily PNLs, margin rates, unrealized PNLs, and more details about the strategy.

  • Rent and Test It

    Test the strategy you rented in paper trading mode without risking your real money. It runs live, with real market data, even calculating the margin ratio in futures market type, but it's risk-free.

  • Go real if you like

    If you think the strategy that you've testing is a well-designed, profitable strategy, then it's the time to go real. If you don't like, find another strategy and give it a shot too.

  • Commission policy

    There is no initial cost to rent a strategy, but if you make a profit, a percentage of the commission rate is deducted from your balance. You can see the commission rate of a strategy before renting it.

Withdrawable referral program

Refer your friends or followers to Algoine and earn a share of their payments.

The commission rate is 20%.

You can withdraw your referral income as crypto to your cryptocurrency wallet or to your Algoine wallet with an extra 20% bonus.

Additional features

Notification Management

Easily manage the notifications your running bots send you.

Live monitoring

Track the status of your bots, your positions, and the entry and exit points of each position in detail.

Detailed Historical Analysis

Analyze the statistics and PNL status of each strategy you've run in detail.

๐Ÿš€ Algoine is in Public Beta! ๐ŸŒ We're working hard to perfect the platform, but please note that unforeseen glitches may arise during the testing stages. Your understanding and patience are appreciated. Explore at your own risk, and thank you for being part of our journey to redefine the Algo-Trading! ๐Ÿ’ก #AlgoineBetaLaunch