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General Features

These are some of the fundamental features of Algoine.
Please read the Features for Pros & Investors documentations and watch the videos for more information.

Safe & Secure

No need to move your funds around - they stay secure in your exchange wallet while using Algoine. You can connect your exchange account to Algoine via API. All your sensitive data is kept encrypted and never shared with third parties.

Easy to Use

Algoine's user-friendly interface make it easy for traders and investors at any experience level to start running their own automated trading bots in minutes.

For Everyone

Whether you're a professional trader or just want to make a passive income, Algoine is suitable for you. You will love it.


You can easily, transparently and thoroughly examine the performance of any strategy before renting or running it. However, no one but the owner can see the strategy settings.

Fully Customizable Bots

Think a trade bot can open positions in multiple symbols, both long and short sides in respect to your preferences and each symbol has a seperated settings for each time-frame and for each market conditions. Much more of it.

Spot & Futures

Algoine offers powerful algo-trading capabilities on both the Spot and Futures markets, making it easy for investors to diversify their portfolios. We're starting with Binance and we're going to add more exchanges soon.

Testing The Strategy

You can test your strategy in paper trading mode without risking your real money! It runs live, with real market data, even calculating the margin ratio in futures market type, but it's risk-free.

Not Copy-Trading

We all experienced the downsides of traditional copy-trading for years. If you want to use another Algoiner's strategy, your bot runs stand-alone with respect to the algorithm.

Signal Sources

You can use your TradingView account as a signal source or choose from various built-in indicators. Additionally, you can use a third-party as a signal source with our API.

Our Supporters

We extend our heartfelt thanks for the collaborations and invaluable support

🚀 Algoine is in Public Beta! 🌐 We're working hard to perfect the platform, but please note that unforeseen glitches may arise during the testing stages. Your understanding and patience are appreciated. Explore at your own risk, and thank you for being part of our journey to redefine the Algo-Trading! 💡 #AlgoineBetaLaunch